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The last time I sat in a class, it was 2001. I had just been laid off from my job & enrolled in a week-long session of employment classes. It was me and 10 or 12 other sad &  jobless people, sitting in a room trying to learn the skills to put us back in the workforce & off of the the government tit. Which seems like a great idea, especially since tits really aren’t my thing.

At the end of the class, if you had done reasonably well & attended all of the classes…they would pay for you to go to the local community college to obtain a degree from a list of “approved” courses.

It didn’t help me figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.  It did teach me that I am far more ADD as an adult than I ever was as a kid, though!

I did not go to community college.

I found a “real” job & took myself off the government tit.

10 years later, I still have that job… but am taking online courses.  Why? Because structured classes just don’t work very well on a brain like mine. But also because I have started a new project that I’m having a hell of a lot more fun with than my day job & need to learn more about how to do it well.

All of this was just a super-long, drawn-out, & boring introduction to my new project: What’s Up NEO?  I’ll be telling you all about the coolest stuff happening in and around NE Ohio, from concerts to ghost hunts to polka festivals & everything in-between.

If you’ve been following this blahg, you’ll be happy to note that I post there WAY more often than I do here!  I’ll still be here… but also there! So I’ll be doing double duty from here on out and enjoying life so much more!







January 13, 2017 - Posted by | People, Work

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