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The Big Guy is my Homeboy

Dudes, I have GREAT NEWS!!!

I’m so excited, but had to wait ALL DAY before I could share with you!!  (See, I have a little thing called a “JOB”  & they don’t exactly pay me to write.   They should, but they don’t.)  ANYWAY…

Remember a while back, I told you that when Maury Povich called, I was taking y’all with me?  (No?  Click here.)  Okay.. so we didn’t exactly score that all-expense-paid trip to NYC…Yet.

But this is EVEN BETTER than traveling with my posse to be filmed on Maury as a professional dirty girl!!  (Maybe…  I do like the “Professional Dirty Girl” title.)

Apparently, I have the ear of The Big Guy!

Not Maury.

No, not God.   I already told you, I don’t believe in him.

No… It’s THE PRESIDENT!!!  Of the United States.  As in Barack Obama!  And, not just a Bobblehead Barack either.  The real deal!  (You can keep your comments on whether or not the real deal Barack can also be counted as Bobblehead Barack to yourself.)

See, just a few days ago, I posted this rant about anti-gay discrimination.

And, what do I find on the news sites today?   THIS!!


Apparently, Obama is a Bonesy fan!  Who knew?!

Basically, this means the president listens to me WAY better than my husband or kids do.  I’d better get to work on that.  I mean, I am technically second in command now.  It’s practically treason to disobey me at this point, FAMILY!

Also, Joe Biden, you can just get your ass in line right behind me.  You kinda remind me of Smiling Bob from the Enzyte commercials, so it’s a little tough to take you seriously.

So here’s the thing… We totally need to take advantage of this news!  Now that we know Obama listens to me, we can give him a big ol’ list of stuff we need him to fix before he gets rousted from office!  I mean, seriously, he’s on limited time here.  Whether you like him or not, you have to admit there is no way he is getting a second term.  And, when Barack’s out of office, so am I!   I’m a bit of a slacker.  So, as cool as it sounds, “Leader of the Free World” is NOT something I want to put on my resume.  That’s just too much damn responsibility & I am not down with all that.  Also, business suits & a bob are not exactly my style.

So, I’ll just stick to my customer service gig for now, thank you very much.  And blogging, of course.  It doesn’t pay, but I’m wielding some serious power these days!


February 23, 2011 - Posted by | Friends, Rant, Work


  1. Ummm….THIS made me laugh!!! I think your phone & all the phones that text with you are currently under watch not because we are bad or anything BUT because what we all write to you & get from you is better than any comedy out there…just saying!! Congrats friend!

    Comment by Kel | February 23, 2011 | Reply

    • It’s all good, though. Now I have the power to call off the Homeland Security dogs! We can text whatever the hell we want from now on…or at least until the 2012 elections.

      Comment by bonesysblahg | February 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. That. Is. So. AWESOME! So how are you going to use and abuse your power next? (Because HELLO if you’ve got power, you HAVE to use it for personal gain. It’s the rules.)

    Comment by Leaf Probably | February 28, 2011 | Reply

    • hahaha EXACTLY! I have some great new programs in mind to enrich bloggers in the States & NZ. You’re welcome 🙂

      Comment by bonesysblahg | February 28, 2011 | Reply

      • Whoho! Does this enrichment project happen to involve govt. funded overseas travel? Because if it does I’m totally excited, and pledge to support your campaign in any way possible!

        Comment by leafprobably | March 1, 2011

      • It does now!

        Comment by bonesysblahg | March 2, 2011

  3. Just one more reason that you rock! I’m not a bit surprised that the Big Man is listening to you. I thought your post was worth repeating too!!!

    Comment by Mecca | February 28, 2011 | Reply

    • hahaha Thanks! You can expect your stimulus check to arrive any day now.

      Comment by bonesysblahg | March 1, 2011 | Reply

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