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My Big Fat Gay Homecoming

Typically, I try to keep things light here at the blahg.  (Last post notwithstanding.) And, this may end up being a lighthearted post, as well.  I’m not really sure where I’m going with it yet.  I might get all preachy on you… or just make you laugh & roll your eyes.  I might even make you angry.  I’m good with that.  I’m angry, too.  This is kind of a hot button issue, so there are bound to be a bunch of different reactions.  Regardless of how you feel about it, no mean-assed comments are allowed!  I’m okay with whatever your stance is on this subject, but no threats or hatred is allowed in my comments section.  It’s my blahg & I make the rules.  Sure, I make them up as I go along, but whatever!  It’s still MY blahg!

When did bigotry and discrimination become socially acceptable again? 

How did we allow this to happen?

The news lately has been filled with examples of bigotry wrapping itself in the flag of Christianity.  And, some of the most ridiculous comments are coming out of that! 

Robert Broadus, head of the group Protect Marriage Maryland, spoke out against the gay-marriage legislation currently before Maryland’s legislature,  “If you pass this bill, you will set the groundwork, that one day when artificial intelligence is that advanced, we will be considering whether or not people can marry their androids. … If you say that any two people who love each other can get married, then you set that precedent,” said Broadus.

Um, excuse me?! WTF are you talking about, Broadus?  OF COURSE any two people who love each other should be able to marry!  Who are YOU to tell ANYONE that their brand of love is unacceptable?

He goes on… “I’ve known plenty of gay people. I’ve hung out with gay people. I’ve been hit on by gay people,” Broadus said in a YouTube clip. “I don’t turn around and punch them. In school, if I saw the gay kid getting picked on, I stood up for the gay kid and tried to stop it.”

“The problem,” he explained, “is that they have gained so much power at this point in time.”

Hmm… Smells suspiciously like DISCRIMINATION!  I wonder how Mr. Broadus would feel if these same things were being said about African-Americans?   Go ahead & take another look at his comments.  Substitute the word “black” for every mention of “gay” or “they.”   Now try to tell me that his comments aren’t bigotry.   Discrimination is NEVER acceptable, regardless of the flavor.

Last week, I read an article about a teen same sex couple in Minneapolis.  The girls were both nominated by their peers to the school’s homecoming court (or a similar royalty-type event).  When the district found out they were planning to walk in together, as a couple… an 11th hour policy change was enacted.  School officials decided that the court members would no longer be allowed to enter the gym as couples, despite the tradition of doing so.  Now they could either walk in individually, or be accompanied by a parent or favorite teacher.  The district claimed this was to prevent the girls from being teased.  I call BULLSHIT!  This prudish, close-minded decision just reeks of.. What?  Say it with me… DISCRIMINATION!

Side note – like I said, I don’t know any of the people involved.  But I bet that the guy who made this decision secretly wears lacy pink undies and fishnets.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The girls at the heart of this matter have not made an effort to hide their sexuality.  They are an “out” lesbian couple, who were merely looking to be afforded the same opportunity as their heterosexual classmates.  Why would they have been “teased?”   Their classmates already KNEW the girls sexual orientation.  And, they apparently didn’t care, seeing as how they NOMINATED the girls to the homecoming court!   Unfortunately, however, this young couple had to sue the school district for the basic right to appear as a couple.  SUE.THE.SCHOOL.DISTRICT!  When was the last time a hetero couple had to sue for the right to attend a school event as a couple?  Yeah, never.

I am both disgusted and amazed that this type of discrimination is still going on in our country.  Discrimination is NEVER okay, regardless of the subject!

 When you add in the fact that these girls were being discriminated against by their own school district, this makes the situation so much worse.  By making this mandate, Anoka-Hennepin school district is not only encouraging discrimination, but also teaching it.

Also noted in the article was the fact that this district has lost six students to suicide since the beginning of the 2009-10 school year.  Some of those deaths have been linked to the bullying of gays.  My question is, WHO did the bullying in those cases?  Was it the students, who nominated this couple, then gave them a standing ovation as they walked into the gym after winning their court fight?  OR, was it the district, who apparently believes that discrimination against same sex couples is okay?  My money is on the district.

The students of Champlin Park High School are to be commended.  Despite residing in such a hate-filled district, they are progressive-minded enough to vote this couple into their homecoming court… THEN give them a standing ovation.

Sorry for such a long rant.

In the words of Joan Rivers… “Do what you want.  I got my own problems.”


February 14, 2011 - Posted by | Friends, Kids, Rant


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more – I also couldn’t have said it better myself. Which is why I would like to put a link on my blog to this post. Is that ok?

    I too am appalled that Broadus can get away with comments like this. He’s practically a caveman.

    Comment by Mecca | February 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Wow, that is awesome of you! It’s fine with me, referrals are ALWAYS a good thing. Thank you!!

      Comment by bonesysblahg | February 14, 2011 | Reply

  2. I think you know where I am on this – I Never understood discrimination. People are people, regardless of color, sex, religious orientation, etc. Now, if said person happens to like human sacrifice or is bombing buildings in the ‘stated’ following of their religion, I will take issue with that. But then, those are extremists anyhow – and they are practicing discrimination by the very act of doing those kinds of things. So phoooey on them anyhow 🙂

    Comment by Greek | February 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Extremism and zealotry are ALWAYS wrong, and ALWAYS those most guilty of discrimination and bigotry.

      Comment by bonesysblahg | February 14, 2011 | Reply

  3. AMEN Dorene !!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. What gets me is that the anti-gay marriage people go on and on about how if gay people are allowed to marry it will destroy the institution of marriage. What about the people who get get married repeatedly, cheat on their spouses etc. etc.? Makes my ass ache. We should have moved past all this crap by now.

    Comment by Ruth Berman | February 15, 2011 | Reply

    • Exactly! Why should someone else’s marriage have any bearing on mine!? They can marry farm animals for all I care. It has nothing to do with me! Though I would make fun of you if you marry a chicken. So don’t go getting any ideas, Ruth!

      That’s what Joan Rivers’ quote was about, btw. It was a spot on NY television regarding a same sex marriage initiative. LOVE that quote, even if I can’t stand to look at Joan. What do I care? I don’t live anywhere near New York, so don’t have to watch her commercial blurb.

      Comment by bonesysblahg | February 15, 2011 | Reply

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