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5 Items on my Bucket List

Before last week, I had never given any thought to a bucket list.  I saw the movie, it just never occurred to me to make a list of my own.  Thanks to inspiration from Tex and my friend Dawn and her friend Carol, these are the first 5 entries to my bucket list.  Okay, so they’re the only 5,  it’s now Friday,  & I’m just coming up with them.  What can I say?  I’m a slacker. Don’t judge!

1) Visit Europe & attempt to trace my roots.  No, I’m not a genealogist. (See slacker comment above.)  I just think it’d be cool to visit the lands of my ancestors & attempt to hook up with some unknown relatives.  That might be a little Pollyanna of me, though.  I try not to associate with most of my relatives & they live nearby!  So maybe before attempting to meet any of the unknown relatives, I’ll stalk them for a bit to try to get a first impression before the actual meeting.  Wait…my stalking might give THEM a bad impression of ME.  Clearly, I didn’t think this through yet.  Hopefully by the time I need to put this bucket list to use, I’ll have a better plan.  One that doesn’t involve ski masks or peeking in windows.  Also, one I won’t get arrested for. I hear those foreign prisons are a bitch (Thanks, Lifetime Movies!)

2) One more all-girl whitewater rafting trip.  I went with a group of friends several (truth be told, it’s more like MANY) years ago & we had a blast.  Well, except for this moment:

In case you're not sure, I'm the one in blue with the death grimace.

And except for the few moments after I was tossed into the river & pinned to a boulder by the raft, fighting to keep my head above water as my friends struggled to drag my fat ass back in.   Note to self: Next time, bring stronger friends.

3) Take my kids on one more big, kitschy family vacation before everyone scatters for good.  Yes, I know how insane this sounds.  But my kids are actually pretty cool. Y’know, for kids.  Also, they range in age from 16 – 21.  So guilt tripping them into posing in stocks (or pillories, we’re not quite sure what the difference is)


or in front of the World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball (Sorry, this hasn’t actually happened yet, so no picture.)is kinda fun!

(Also, a shout-out to the friends who helped me figure out what the stocks or pillories were called. You saved me from a fatal head implosion.)

4) Publish something.  Anything.  Yes, I am aware I’d actually have to write something meaningful first.  (You’re kinda mean today, by the way.)

5) Find a certain someone that I was horribly mean to in high school and give her a way-overdue apology.  I’m not sure she’s even aware that I was the person terrorizing her in front of her house.  But I feel a little guilty about that, too.  I was her friend by day, terrorist by night. Okay, so I feel more than “a little” guilty.  I should probably just get to work on this one right away.

Now I want to hear from you.  What are the first 5 things you’d add to a bucket list?  Leave a comment & let us all know.


October 22, 2010 - Posted by | Friday 5, Uncategorized


  1. I’m going to think about it – but to be honest the very first thing that comes to mind has already been done – and can be crossed off. Someone dear to my heart has given me the opportunity to apologize for something that happened what seems to be a lifetime ago – and incredibly has accepted the apology. if I could put only one item on my bucket list, this would be it. And it already has been accomplished. Everything else pales in comparison, but I will think of some things and come back to this later..

    Comment by Greek | October 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. Man, I am cracking up! See, you’re good, my friend. BTW, you want to have a wild white water rafting experience again? Come here in the spring. You’ll get the death look alright! Love the bucket list idea. Got one brewing myself!

    Comment by Krister | October 23, 2010 | Reply

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