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Things in my Text Box

I got an error message on my phone today that I had maxed out my memory & needed to clean out the text boxes.  So here’s some random stuff found in my phone… Some TO me, some FROM me.  I’ll let you ponder who’s who.

– I love horse vagina!

– I bet they’ll want our chicken, too!

– That might be a little tough.  For circus people, they’re not very limber.  Their legs are only 2 ft long & they have no kneecaps.

– Do they make those shoes in little fat sizes? I’m thinking the midgets might work harder if I buy them pretty shoes.

– Do you want an office troll to join your midget cubicle circus?

– What about toenails?

– Peeing in a bus is no easy feat.

– Maybe I will sneak out back & bury it while the people are here.

– Alfalfa is nature’s lint.

– Jesus! Sounds like one skanky bitch in serious need of a hysterectomy.

– When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

– Who AREN’T you cruel to?  Besides me, because I’m clearly your favorite child.

– No doubt.  Historical moment.  The girl that got fired in the down dog position!

– Hahaha  All the groaning they will hear!  Can you imagine?!

– Maybe he wants to die so he can get his 72 virgins.

– I guess R’s mom’s hooker money couldn’t buy him a better phone.

– She must not be a very good hooker.

– I love pocket sandwiches.  Hopefully it’s ham.

– It might be green, but he can’t guarantee a pickle!

– Jesus Christ!  That’s like  a week’s worth of meat!

– So there is probably still some splash.  Ick.

– Formaldehyde in a jar beside your bed.

– She couldn’t do better than a sexual predator anyway.

– I was listening to your lipgloss.  That’s nice.


March 19, 2010 - Posted by | Friends, Kids, Textersations

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  1. Nicccccccccceeee!

    Comment by Kris | March 20, 2010 | Reply

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